What We Do

We are the first company in the entertainment industry to go beyond facial and emotional recognition. What sets us apart are our robust solutions for motion picture market and broadcast performance optimization, market research, advertising, music, acting, law enforcement, and anytime human emotions are involved. We help our clients to understand the most engaging and profitable elements of: video content, dialogue, music, scene composition, acting performance, computer and physical games (toys), books, newsprint. We can effectively decompose an emotional response to anything that a person can engage with.


Portfolio  and Scheduling Optimization

Ratings Prediction

Pilot Stack Ranking

Show Optimization

Advertising/Show Alignment


Script Evaluation

Trailer Decomposition

Ad Spend Optimization

How We Do It

Unbiased Audience Intelligence

We start by fixing a decades-old flaw in audience data collection: asking people how they feel. Our cutting edge biometric sentiment analysis provides bias-free understanding of content performance.

Unrivaled Predictive Capability

Working with the cleanest data ever available, we then use applied science and deterministic modeling to provide executives with accurate predictions of market performance, and turn by turn instructions for performance improvement.

Why SilverLogic Labs?

Our partners are not left with a data dump to analyze.
Our process yields “turn by turn” instructions for maximum profitability.



Jerimiah Hamon


A 20 year predictive analytics veteran, Jerimiah has developed high profile, predictive, and profitable algorithms such as: the “buy box” at Amazon; biometrics at Microsoft for Surface, Kinect, HoloLens; and models for marketing, actuarial validation and consumer finance. Jerimiah has degrees in Economics, Physics, and Political Science, is a Benjamin Leaver Fellow, and is a member of the Muscogee Nation.

Jonathan Murtaugh

EVP of Business Development

20 year marketing & sales veteran with almost 6 years at Facebook (including stints leading its TV / Film vertical and as head of Facebook’s Los Angeles office). Experience in go-to-market strategy, product development, and managing +$350m/yr revenue team. Career has spanned work with broad base of leading entertainment and consumer brands. Keynote speaker, salsa dancer and history nerd.

Advisory Team

Roger Longbotham

Chief Scientist & Father of AB Testing


Roger Longbotham has over 20 years of experience in practicing data science while providing solutions to strategic and analytic problems in many industries. Considered the Father of AB Testing and one of the most respected applied data scientists alive, Roger signed on with SilverLogic Labs after validating the scientific approach and vision of the founder. His areas of expertise include causal analysis, statistical modeling, and process and systems improvement. Ph.D. in Statistics from FSU.

Cliff Plumer

President, Jaunt VR
CEO of The Void

President of Jaunt Studios. Former CEO of Digital Domain and former CTO of both Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. Angel Investor and advisor to Oculus Rift before its acquisition by Facebook. With 20+ years of experience in digital entertainment and media technology, he has a proven track record of establishing leading edge technologies and operations.

Timothy Dodd

EVP Corporate Strategy & Development

Timothy Dodd is the current SVP, Head of Corporate Development and Strategy at Technicolor. He brings to bear an excellent combination of strategy, market, licensing, business operations, intellectual property, and finance experience in both media and private equity. He has a track record of providing valued strategic advice to major exhibitors, content distributors and content producers.

Paul Pastor

EVP Network Strategy, Revenue, & Operations
Discovery Channel

Paul Pastor is the current EVP of Network Strategy, Revenue, and Operations for the Discovery Channel. Previously, he served as SVP Strategy and Consumer Analytics for the Disney/ABC Television Group at Disney. There, he oversaw the division’s strategy team, consumer data and analytics team, media-planning team and all research activities related to the ABC Television Network, ABC Studios, ABC Family and Disney/ABC Domestic Television. Prior to ABC, Paul was director of business development at Technicolor in charge of expanding media services into global markets.

Vince Roberts

EVP Global Operations & CTO (emeritus)
Disney ABC Television Group

Vince Roberts, previously EVP of Global Operations and CTO of the Disney ABC Television Group, is a 33+ year veteran of Disney ABC and the television industry. While there he developed and implemented operational and technological strategies to support Disney ABC’s vast portfolio of media and broadcast businesses. Additionally, Vince was responsible for assessing new and emerging technologies for divisions within the Group and played a key role in helping develop the Walt Disney Company’s future technology strategies and initiatives.

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If you are a tv, film or advertising executive interested in understanding how audiences will really respond to your content, and how you can improve it before they ever see it, we’d love to talk to you. Reach out to us at hello@silverlogiclabs.com.